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About Keon Films Videography Services

About the Studio: Serving Boston, MA and the surrounding area.
When it comes down to it, what makes a fantastic wedding video is dependent on one thing: a fantastic relationship between the videographer and the wedding party. It’s that easy, really. To get into the heads and hearts of those you are filming, a videographer must open him- or herself up. After all, he or she is filming an intimate milestone in someone’s life; it’s only fair.
Without a good relationship, how else can we truly capture the joyful, spontaneous moments between you and your new spouse as well as all the best wishes of your family and friends? At Keon Films, I believe in creating a wedding film that reflects the unique love and connection of each couple. Each wedding unfolds naturally with the camera capturing each moment of spontaneous excitement and genuine adoration.
With over 15 years of experience shooting and editing wedding films in the Boston area, I assure you some of the best shots are the ones that fly under the radar, the subtle quirks that make each of us unique. That’s why a relationship between videographer and wedding party is essential; it brings out the beauty. Here are some facts about me, so you can get to know me a little better and begin a relationship:
• I’ve been to over 30 countries
• I’ve held 6 koalas
• I went skydiving and survived
• I rode a camel in Egypt & Morocco and fell off a donkey
• I have swam with dolphins in Tahiti
• I swam with a manatee in Mexico
• I ate a peanut butter and bacon burger in New Orleans
• I ziplined in Roatán
• I held a baby lion in Las Vegas
• I played with stingrays in the Cayman Islands
Now that you know a little more about me, contact me and tell me about you and your partner. Not only were these experiences life affirming, they also expanded my aesthetic palette in terms of videography.
While I take great care to document your wedding according to your specific needs, celebration and ceremonies, I make sure to capture the beating pulse of the event as well. To give each couple the personal service and care they deserve, I accept only a handful of weddings each year. Reserve your date early to enlist the professional Boston wedding videography from Keon Films.
Boston is home to many gorgeous aesthetics throughout the area. Both the outdoors and local indoor venues boast stunning features that make amazing backdrops for your wedding video. Top venues like The State Room, Vesper Country Club, Searles Castle and Sky Meadow Country Club are familiar to us; I know the best ways to capture the local venues – the well-known ones and the diamonds in the rough. It’s all about having a relationship with a venue. See? There we go again, the word “relationship.” That is the key to a successful wedding videographer!
For more information on hiring a filmmaker in Boston, Massachusetts, for your wedding, contact Keon Films today.