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The Difference in Editing Styles

There are two kinds of editing styles most people associate with weddings, Documentary and Cinematic.

Documentary- A documentary edit is where we take all the footage from the cameras that were used at your wedding or event and edit them together. The documentary edit focuses on simply capturing the day as it happens. For example, the whole wedding ceremony, the full 60 minutes of it. There is very little cutting of scenes, no dramatic camera angles, no staged beauty shots or music added.

Documentary edits tend to be much longer in length, typically 1.5 – 2 hours long. This type of video may not be something you would watch often all the way through without hitting the fast forward button on the remote.

Cinematic- The cinematic edit is more of a “filmy” look. This is more of a “WOW” factor edit. We aim to evoke an emotional impact using creative camera angles, beauty shots, saturated colors and the use of effect to enhance your film and dramatic music to tell your story.

These films, especially wedding films tend to be much shorter in length, typically, 20 -30 minutes. But still capture all the big moments, small moments and special moments in between. This is something you’ll watch again and again without fast forwarding.

At Keon Films, we love to give you the best cinematic film individualized to you that we can.


thank you to Sugarleaf Films for some of the definitions above.

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5 Tips to Getting Better Wedding Photos and Film

  1. Give yourself enough time to work with both the photographer and the filmmaker. They each may need time to work with you and get those beauty shots you want. It may not be a lot of time, but they do need it.
  2. Do not carry a bottle of beer around with you all night. It will be in every shot and you will regret that later.
  3. Do not chew gum. Not very pretty for photos or for film.
  4. Be aware of your photographer and your filmmaker during the day. During the first dance, be aware, look out towards your guests, towards your media team, you do not have to look directly at us but this allows for us to get the perfect shoot. Otherwise they may be a lot of the back of your heads shot.
  5. Feed your media team at the SAME TIME as your wedding party. Some venues forget about us or feed us very last, giving no time to eat even a few bites. You may need to speak to your coordinator specifically about this before the wedding. But please do. They’ve been working for hours and need to take a short break and to refuel. You’ll have a much better working photographer and filmmaker.
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What’s the difference between a Videographer and a Filmmaker?

I’m sure you have searched and found many videographers online, including our site. We are not quite what you would expect. Our job description goes beyond “just a videographer” We do more than recording nice video clips and then throwing music over it.

A videographer is in charge of recording an event as it happens and then presenting it as just that. Videographers have no freedom of adding their own personal perspective on the day. They are there to simply document the day and present it in the same way.

A Filmmaker applies much time and talent into the entire process of documenting and producing real movie from an event. We take time to learn about you as a couple and as individuals. We want to know, What music do you like? What movies do you enjoy? How do you spend your time? How do you show your love for one another? Learning all these things can help us identify who you are in order to create a film that tells your unique story.

Our films consist of a combination of video/film clips, live dialog and beautiful music that is chosen just for your film. Taking pieces of your day, whether visually or audibly, we edit together a film that is eye-catching, tear-jerking and meaning from beginning to end. There is no template. We might begin with a snippets of your vows or perhaps a sequence involving your first look. This is what is so exciting and refreshing to us. There is always a new story to be told!

There is nothing wrong with choosing a videographer to record your event versus selecting a filmmaker to handcraft a wedding film for you. There are many flavors to choose from out there, we want you to choose the one that feels right to you, that best fits you. If you are seeking something more, something with depth, story and art, then give us a call. We’d love to hear from you.

Special thanks to Heather Coleman of Sugarleaf Films and Jet Kaiser of Jet Kaiser Films for the help composing this letter.

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The new KeonFilms!

Welcome to my new website, formally “I Do” Video Services we are now KeonFilms. Come on in and browse. Make sure you return and see what we blog about next.


Event Filmmaker


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