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Top Trends in Wedding Videography

Technology has helped us to expand the ways in which we immortalize the special times in our lives. Weddings are one of those momentous occasions we want to revisit many times in the future. Wedding videography is a modern trend that captures those moments with beauty, creativity, and vivid imagery.


Brides and grooms are choosing a few very popular wedding videography trends as their way of capturing this once-in-a-lifetime event. Consulting with a wedding videographer, like me, can help couples decide which of these exciting video trends is best for their wedding.


Documentary Style


Wedding videography styles have come a very long way in recent years, and one new trend that is becoming popular with couples, is the documentary, indie style video. Indie filmmakers are getting into the world of wedding videography adding more style and substance to wedding videos. Instead of just capturing moments, this style of wedding video captures the couples’ story; helping viewers to feel as if they are a part of the entire process, from the engagement to the reception.




Appealing to couples seeking a more fun and dramatic approach, wedding trailer videos offer a preview of the actual full-length wedding video. Complete with special effects, music, and sometimes, even voice-over artists. These videos are a unique way to entertain family and friends while they wait for the completed version. These wedding trailers are completed just a couple of weeks after the wedding and make a great teaser video to show off to wedding guests.


Classic Vintage


Black and white vintage style videos are a beautiful and classic way to capture the wedding day. With movies like the remake of The Great Gatsby coming out this summer, many couples are becoming enchanted by the romantic eras of the 1920’s, 40’s, and 60’s. Brides and grooms can have fun dressing in classic movie attire and film scenes decorated in the theme and decor of the decade.


Save the Date


Save the date videos are becoming popular because many couples find this to be a more interesting way to announce their wedding date than mailing out invitations. The sky’s the limit when it comes to just how creative engaged couples can be when creating these videos. Save the date videos can range from whimsical to formal in style, and also make a great keepsake for the couple and their loved ones.


Same Day Film

This is huge right now. It is a short 5-10 minute film created on the day of your wedding day to show to your guests during the reception on large screens in your reception room. It usually covers the bride getting ready, which no one sees, and the vows, photo session, first dance and maybe more depending on when you choose to display it live at your wedding. It’s a fantastic crowd pleaser!



Wedding videos allow couples to get creative and choose unique themes that will showcase their personalities and individual style. Whether they are the ‘indie documentary film’ type of couple or the ‘classic vintage 1940’s’ type of couple, wedding videographers can help carry their vision from the heart to the screen.

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Advertising and Marketing: Moving Into the Visual Age


Technology is causing us to think much more creatively about what works and what doesn’t work, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising our businesses effectively in the Boston, MA market where competition is fierce. There was a time, not so long ago, when a business could get away with avoiding social media, but that option is just about impossible now if they want to keep up with the rest of their colleagues in the industry. The consumer and potential customer wants to feel a more personal and direct connection to the business, its motto and its ideals.


Now, with video channels like YouTube and Vimeo becoming more popular by the minute, the desire for connection is increasingly becoming more visually driven. It is no longer sufficient to only provide written content on a site; consumers also want live, interactive, entertaining and informative videos.


Marketing and promotional videos can successfully serve many purposes for a company. Videos can be a unique tool used to introduce the company, its services and products to their main target audience. Videos can also help to promote new product lines to new and existing customers, and assist in creating an ongoing relationship that keeps customers informed and makes them feel special.


Professionally made videos can help to imprint a company’s brand in the mind of existing and potential customers; a logo, a song, even something as simple as a color scheme, replayed in the minds of viewers, can bring them back to that product or service when their needs arise. If a picture can paint a thousand words, as the old saying goes, a video can leave an even longer lasting impression on a viewer.


A few years ago at the beginning of YouTube’s popularity, there was a very successful video created by a small cosmetic company. This company had the video created from excerpts of a radio interview done locally by the owners.  Although the interview itself was great and introduced some customers to their products, once the video was released on YouTube with pictures of the actual product and customers using it on their skin, sales increased by 15% that season for this particular company. It was one thing to hear the story of the company, and to listen to its owners talk about the quality of their products, but what truly made the real impact on sales, was the effect that the video had on potential customers.


Small businesses and large corporations are taking note of the popularity of video advertising and marketing, and hiring companies who know how to showcase their unique brand in a way that is visually informative, entertaining, and memorable. Ultimately, customers are living in a visual age and companies will need to be more visually creative to capture their attention.



Trapeze School-BridesBoston from Leeann McKeon on Vimeo.

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Avoiding the Flip Cam Trend


Remember disposable cameras?  Seems as if it was yesterday, we were using disposable Kodaks to take pictures. Then digital cameras hit and now cell phones have the ability to take high-resolution pictures and instantly share them on the internet with friends and family.  Videos are no different now, and not unlike pictures, everyone thinks they are a professional.  Yes, you can film on your iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to go out and make a movie now.  There still needs to be a level of professionalism and care to detail, especially when it comes to something important like a wedding.


For various reasons, people like to utilize the disposable camera and now a flip cam at their wedding. With a drop in price, flip cams have become more popular and a rising trend at receptions.  Sure, flip cameras can bring your cost down for the wedding, but the quality of video and end product will decrease as a result. For your wedding, wouldn’t you want a high quality video that will last over time and still bring a professional look, years from now?


Some guests are there to have fun, party and celebrate.  Not do work for you.  That sounds somewhat harsh, but that’s what you pay a videographer for.  We won’t miss something, no moment will go unnoticed. As professionals, we know how to operate the equipment and know how to get the right shot.  The truth is, with individuals operating a flip cam, they may not know what they’re doing, or they may not know how to use the camera properly.


Avoiding the flip camera trend might be in your best interest.  It really depends on what you want and what end product you’re looking for when it comes to capturing and reliving the wedding and reception.


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