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Keeping Wedding Costs Down

A beautiful wedding ceremony and reception doesn’t need a large budget and cash flow to become a reality. It’s true, having a lot of money will help you pay for better vendors, venues and services. However, during the planning phases there are plenty of ways to keep your overall costs low so you can make sure you pay for the important wedding videos and caterer that you want.


One of the quickest ways to keep the costs associated with a wedding down is to reconsider the length of your guest list. Between catering and other costs, each guest can easily represent an added cost of $100 or more. It may be more cost-effective to send a video trailer of a wedding ceremony to a lot of people and invite a smaller group of people to the actual ceremony.


The day that your wedding falls on can also add hundreds of dollars or save you much needed cash. Saturdays are a huge days for weddings and all other kinds of events, and because of this drink and food prices at most venues are generally priced a little higher, as this article published by discusses. Fridays and Sundays generally bring more reasonable prices. If you can somehow make your wedding work on an early weekday, like a Monday or Wednesday, you can usually negotiate some amazing price savings.


Your food choices will also be a major part of your bill, regardless of how many people you invite to the wedding. The more entree choices you offer your guests, the more you will typically have to spend. If you can keep your entree choices to one or two, you’ll be able to keep your catering costs low as well.


Here at Keon Films, we work to offer a variety of wedding videography services that are affordable for a wide range of budgets. We can help you document your wedding for posterity without adding unreasonable costs to your wedding. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can provide a beautiful record of the joy and happiness felt at your Boston, MA, wedding ceremony.

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Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Finding the right wedding videographer can be daunting. There are a few tricks to finding exactly what you didn’t realize you needed in a professional to preserve every moment of your big day.


First, get recommendations from friends and family with impressive videos. You wouldn’t take relationship advice from someone who’s been single for ten years, so why would you take videographer advice from someone’s whose wedding video didn’t come out fantastically?


Nobody knows quality better than others in the field do. If you’ve already settled on a florist or photographer, ask them for some names! They’ll have an idea of your budget, your goals for the wedding, and they won’t hesitate to point you in the right direction for a standout videographer in the area.


After getting three or four leads on possible videographers, keep a tally of videographer names, who referred you, phone numbers, price estimates and addresses. If you’re already in the throes of planning your wedding, you’ll surely have realized how important it is to stay organized.


Make sure to find out if their sample work is from their studio or is actually their work. Pay careful attention to the lighting in videos: is it too dim or lit up like the fourth of July? Sound mixing is also important. Can you hear the speeches over chatter? Does the music work with or against the visuals? Is there a lot of variation in music for the video? Special effects for transitions are great as long as they are executed well and don’t clutter the narrative. Finally, can you work with the DJ? Amazing people skills are a must, because your videographer will be working very closely with your guests.


For an exceptional wedding videographer experience, call Keon Films in Boston Massachusetts. We’ll be happy to preserve every big moment from your big day.



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The Holiday Season is the Most Popular Time for Engagements

Goodness! Thanksgiving is only next week. Before long, other holidays will be banging at our doorsteps. While the time is certainly stressful, with many of us running around from store to store and trying to check off gifts on our never-ending lists. If isn’t the gift buying that keeps us up at night, it’s the thought of spending hours upon hours with family, slaving over a hot stove or keeping the drinks flowing.


Despite all the holiday stress, some couples still find the time to embrace romance and crack open that walnut heart of love, like some doe-eyed and butterfly stomaching nutcracker. I, of course, am referring to couples who are engaged during the holiday season. It is a popular time for someone to pop the big question. Why the holiday season though?



Perhaps it is the overall atmosphere. When we are not stressed, the holiday season offers a poignant sense of comfort that is unbeatable and since most of us are immersed in family activities, someone about to pop the question is presented with a can’t-miss setting. Between family presence, Christmas trees and people singing, the holidays often bring out the best in proposals, as people can get creative, creating an easy memory that will last a lifetime. When people think of meaningfulness, their thoughts tend to drift toward the Christmas hearth. Given this mindset, it is no wonder why there are so many engagements from Christmas through Valentine’s Day!

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