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Shauna and Tara

Here is the recap video of Shauna and Tara’s Wedding Day.

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Themed Weddings Exploding in Popularity


Wedding ceremonies are typically seen as very traditional events; aside from an interesting choice of readings or an expressive color scheme, most of these proceedings take very similar forms. However, a new trend of themed weddings has been picking up across the United States, which adds a little bit of fantasy to the special day.


This article published by NPR discusses how many people and wedding businesses are seeing an increase in the number of wedding featuring costumes and scenery from many popular pieces of fiction, especially those from fantasy genres. Fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and more are finding ways of celebrating their literature or television interests through their weddings.


Industry experts interviewed for the above article note that this trend has exploded since it was first seen sprouting up about two years ago. Usually, a couple opts for a fantasy themed wedding when trying to break the mold of the traditional choices available to them. Often a couple can express their shared love of a certain book or series through wedding photos or creative reception options.


Far from being a superficial way to make a wedding look more interesting, many couples who dress up as characters or incorporate these stories in other ways see a much more moral rationale behind their decision. As one groom involved in one of these weddings stated in the above article, fantasy allows people to express their views on good and evil, or power and responsibility. These deeply held values are what people try to share with others through these fantasy weddings, not simply funny characters or a good story.


Whatever message you’re trying to deliver to others on the day of your wedding, trust Keon Films to capture the essence of your ceremony in a living document that will exist for years to follow. If you’re planning a wedding in the area of Boston, MA, we’ll be happy to assist with the videography no matter what theme you choose.




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5 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You

A friend of mine wrote this article and has let me share it with you. Alan Berg is one of our wedding industry leading speakers and a good man to listen to.


1. Your guests won’t thank you for making your mom, sister, best friend or maid of honor work on your wedding day. They’re not wedding planners; they’re your closest family and friends. Let them mingle, dance and enjoy the day.

2. Your guests won’t thank you for making them wait while you take pictures. Sure, they’ll eat and drink, but if it takes too long, they’ll start wondering where you are. They were invited to celebrate with you.

3. Your guests won’t tell you that you put way too many things on your wedding registry. Make it easy for them to buy you the things that you really want. It’s hard for guests to know which things you really want (like a beautiful honeymoon, fire pit or down payment on a house), when there are so many items on there. Give them the option to contribute dollars towards your registry so you can choose how to use it. Also, understand that a gift should not be required. You invited them to share your wedding day, not to necessarily have to pay for the privilege. If they want to give a gift, make it easy.


4. Your guests want to see and hear your ceremony. Ask them to stay in their seats so everyone else can see. If you’ve hired a professional photographer and videographer (real, experienced professionals), and you share the photos with them (easy enough to do with online proofing these days), they’ll all be able to see and hear you taking your vows. Have someone ask everyone to turn off his or her ringers as well. You don’t want to hear a phone ringing on your wedding video. Everyone has a camera phone, but that doesn’t make him or her a professional. Don’t let them get in the way. You’re investing good money in professional photos.


5. Your guests won’t thank you for hiring the cheapest wedding vendors. They don’t care how much you paid; they only care about what they see and experience. An iPod is not a DJ. Your uncle is not a professional videographer and won’t know where to stand, to not be in everyone’s way. That Craig’s List vendor you hired is cheap for a reason. Don’t hire cheap. Hire the best value. Follow your priorities and invest in them. You won’t be happy when the photos aren’t what you wanted or the dance floor is empty.


You know what it’s like to be a guest at a wedding, so remember that when making your choices. If it’s summer time, make sure there’s shade for your outdoor ceremony and make sure there’s air conditioning. Don’t just pray that it won’t rain, or won’t be 110 degrees. Have a real plan for it. Put yourself in the shoes of your 100 or more guests and have them raving to you about how great everything was. You don’t always get kudos for doing it right, but you almost always lose points for doing it wrong. I wish you, and your guests, a very happy wedding.


Alan Berg

• author • business consultant • professional speaker • small business marketing guru • O 732.422.6362 • C 732.289.4842 • Intl. 001 732 422 6362

Author of “If your website was an employee, would you fire it?” , “Don’t Paint the House!” and the new book “Your Attitude for Success”

· “North America’s Leading Expert on the Business of Weddings & Events”

· March 2013 Top 100 Small Business Experts to Follow on Twitter

· Top 1% most viewed LinkedIn profiles in 2012

“You’re probably the only speaker I can listen to without once looking at my watch.” – Aldo Ryan, Sound Explosion DJs, Brooklyn, NY

Member: National Speakers Association

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The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

20049951_SEven when the weather outside is frightful, it can still be a delightful season to tie the knot with your loved one. Although many think of the warmer months as the ideal time to marry, there are plenty of good reasons why a couple may want to consider a wedding deep in the heart of winter. Not the least of these are the spectacular scenes that can be created by the season.


If you’re looking for scenic and picturesque settings, just think about the wondrous framing that fresh fallen snow and translucent icicles can give to any church or wedding venue. White is the symbol of a pure wedding, and the pictures of the couple and the wedding party take on a fantastic aura.


A winter wedding allows a couple to be a bit more selective in the size of their wedding. Because it’s an offseason choice, more people are likely to be available and around during the winter and will not have committed themselves to a long schedule of weddings, as can happen during the summer and fall. However, if you want to have a smaller service, people don’t expect large winter weddings so you want offend as many uninvited guests.


This offseason time can aid couples in other ways as well. The competition for venues is much less fierce, meaning you can land the church of your dreams without having to fit your ceremony in amongst a full schedule of other weddings. You may also get to book the chapel for a much better price than you could during the busy seasons of the year.


17454221_S(3)A winter wedding is a unique experience, and you can dress up the occasion with decor that will ensure that all your invited guests will remember the event for a long time. Mix up your bouquets of flowers by adding an ice sculpture or two, or maybe construct bride and groom snowmen outside of the reception hall.


There are many ways to take advantage of the holiday season to craft the perfect wedding experience. When you want to record your special day, Keon Films will provide the most outstanding documentation of your marriage that money can buy. We serve all marriages in the area of Boston, MA, and beyond.

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Fall Wedding Tips

Fall Wedding Tips


Keep Your Bridal Party Warm. Outdoor photos can take some time and your ladies may start to get chilly. Instead of having the grooms men take of their tux jackets, give your girls beautiful matching pashminas.They’ll love them. They will be able to stay warm standing outside and they can definitely reuse a pashmina all year long.


A New Fall Color Is GRAY! Men will look sophisticated in gray and your ring bearer will look adorable in a little gray suit. Buy ties to match your color theme.


Getting Married At Dusk? It may not be the best time. It doesn’t take long for the sun to go down and with it the ability to see. you may end up in the dark faster then you think. You and your fiance will be standing there saying your vows and no one will be able to see you. Especially your photographer and videographer. We need light to capture everything the best we can. So, either have your ceremony 30 minutes before dusk or have lights surrounding the ceremony site to help illuminate it for all to see.


Mini Pumpkins. They are a great fall accessory at any wedding. They can be used as a place card holder or part of the centerpiece with leaves surrounding them. they can also be a great take home item for each of your guests. Just place them on their plates or at the entrance with their names pinned to them.


Throw In A Little Halloween Theme. Have a candy bar set up for a later into the night. Have all the candy that you remember getting on Halloween. Have a Candy Apple table set up for a late night snack. Your guest will love it and appreciate the late night sugar rush to keep them dancing.Late night snackFall Wedding Tips

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Summer Wedding Tips

Having a summer wedding? Is it outside? Here are a few helpful tips to make the day even more enjoyable.

1. Have a backup plan! Weather can be unpredictable, so in case it does rain, or the wind in too strong or the heat is too much, have an indoor backup plan.

2. Have small bottles of water of glasses of lemonade for your guests to drink as they sit in the sun and watch your ceremony.

3. Add some color and whimsy to your day by giving guests brightly colored paper sun umbrellas or paper hand fans. It’ll help keep a shade over their heads and a breeze in their hands. Websites like are a great source for these.

4. If your wedding is going into sunset or is in a bug filled area, have cans of bug spray for your guests to put on. It’s never any fun to be attack by mosquitos.

5. For weddings on the sandy beach, have small towels handy for the guests to wipe off the sand before putting back on their shoes or walking back into the reception. it will be more comfortable for them during the dancing not to have sand in their shoes. 🙂

Enjoy your summer wedding!

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The Emotional Challenges of Videotaping a Wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate the new life that is beginning between two individuals in a trusting, committed relationship. However, certain life situations may create a more bittersweet environment for the couple and their guests. Having a videographer who can tactfully deal with these difficult situations is a valuable resource.


The realities of life are not put on hold in the weeks and months leading up to a wedding. Life has all sorts of comings and goings, and the passing of a loved one, like a parent or grandparent, can create a very unique atmosphere. The wedding should still be celebrated, but the bride and groom with a recently deceased relative may want to commemorate that loved one’s memory.


wedding video Boston

A bride with her grandpa in a wheelchair

Video footage can provide a very special way to document both a marriage and the friends and family who attend the ceremony, but also those who couldn’t make it. For one woman, videotaping a dance with her dying father provided a special memento on the day of her wedding, as this video post from NBC’s Today show describes.


These difficult situations require video professionals who are not simply knowledgeable of their equipment; they must also be able to sympathize and anticipate a client’s emotional wants. No family will simply want to gloss over a recent loss when all of the relatives will be congregating to celebrate an important family event. There are many healing ways that a video record can be used to memorialize a recent passing in a tactful way.


In my own experiences, I worked with one in recent years that was about to go through a loss in the family. The groom’s father had been ill, and the guests, many of which were close friends and family, knew that this would likely be one of the last times they’d see him. We worked very hard to ensure that we not only got all the footage of the wedding, but that we captured plenty of video with the father, who had gotten out of the hospital just to be at the wedding. That video became a treasured keepsake for many reasons.


Each wedding is going to have some very special emotional triggers. Some couples may have a first dance or a dance with their mother or father that might be special for reasons outside of the occasion. Whatever the special nature to the event may be, Keon Films will provide a tasteful way to incorporate it into our video footage. We serve Boston, MA, and the surrounding suburbs.

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What NOT To Do At A Wedding

1. Do Not wear white! The only person that should be wearing white is the bride. Unless the Bride says so in the invitation do not try to out shine her by wearing white as well. It’s just not respectful.

2.Don’t wear tight or skimpy, ill fitting clothes. When you are getting dressed for the wedding you should be conscious of how you look in the mirror. If you have to keep adjusting clothing or pulling your shirt down then don’t wear it. You’re not there to scream LOOK AT ME. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, just make sure your best is appropriate.

3.Please do not stand in the aisle while the Bride and her Dad are walking in. Chances are they have hired professionals to capture this moment, spent a lot of money too. If you stand in the aisle with your smart phone or tablet you are just blocking the shot. Not only of the people hired but of the groom waiting to see his bride for the first time. Stay in your front of your seat and wait until she gets closer, then take your shot.

4.Don’t stand behind the photographer during the formal photo session trying to get your own shot. Some photogs don’t mind, the problem comes in when you keep telling the group to look at you so you can get your own shot. The photographer only has a limited amount of time, let him or her get their job done. Then take photos.

5.Don’t post pics of the Bride to social media before she says so. You have no reason to post your own pics before the bride has had a chance to see them, unless they tell you in advance. Some couples now have Instagram feeds set up, they want you to post. That is the only time it should be ok. All Brides want to look their best, the most flattering poses, so she should be the one picking those out. So ask before you post!

6.Don’t mention the exes. You think this would be a no brainer but Ive heard so many people talk about the ones that came before. It is especially NOT ok to mention them and compare them in your speeches. So leave the exes where they belong, in the past.

7.Stop talking during the toasts. When it comes time to listen to the speeches or watch the first dance, show a little respect for the couple and stop talking. You should be quietly listening to what is being said of the Bride and Groom, paying attention to what is going on you are there to celebrate with the Bride and Groom.

8.Don’t get DRUNK at the reception!. Come on people, this is not the time or the place to be drunk. Just because they have an oped bar doesn’t mean you need to over indulge. I’ve seen people get sick, fall down, jump up on tables, make a fool of themselves, start fights and have to been led out of the reception because they have been too drunk. It’s embarrassing to everyone, especially the ones throwing the wedding. Have a drink or two but keep yourself sober.
*This also goes for the B&G, everyone is buying you drinks, be careful, don’t get drunk, you will regret it later!

9.The wedding is NOT a Daycare. Just because your kids were invited to the celebration doesn’t mean that you can ignore what they are doing. Letting them run around during the first dance or the speeches is a no-no. Same with letting them get under foot while the meal is being served. They don’t have to sit and be still the whole time but they should be under control. Let them dance when everyone else is eating or dancing, they are of course allowed to have fun.

10. You can have fun. Just remember you are there to celebrate the wedding of two people and the joining of two families. Be respectful.

Some idea are from the Huffington Post, All of them I have been witness too. If you are in the Boston area and looking for a wedding videographer or want to talk about these wedding rules, contact me.

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Lighting affects every wedding

A key part in making your wedding perfect is considering every small aspect. Remember, your entire wedding will be in photographs and videos; focusing on colors and illumination is crucial. Unfortunately, most people don’t focus on lighting, which is actually one of the most important characteristics of any wedding. With the right lighting, you can transform any venue into your ideal setting.


To enhance the mood for all of your guests, think about adding up-lighting or dim lanterns… depending on your theme. Whatever you decide to go with, you have to consider how it will look digitally. You light up a video differently from the way you light up a room, so it’s best to ask a professional for help. For example, the right lighting will complement the aesthetics during the reception, but if you go too heavy with the lighting on the dance floor, it may interfere with your reception photos and videos.


I recently worked with a same-sex couple in New Hampshire. I was pleased to take part in such a fun and beautiful ceremony. At Searles Castle in Windham, the couple went with a gorgeous pink and turquoise color scheme, along with swan décor, courtesy of Seacoast Events. Serving individuals throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine, Seacoast Events “does not offer off the shelf events. Each event is created and customized to match the needs and desires of that particular client.” No event is the same and Seacoast Events understands this. Below are some photos from the wedding:


The lighting at this wedding added the perfect mood and ambiance to the photos. One of the brides has a love for swans, and they wanted to incorporate a few as décor, to capture the perfect sentiment during their reception.

Exterior lighting transformed the venue into a fairytale-like wonderland. Swans coupled with the castle helped set the mood for the evening. This is an example of ideal illumination according to a theme.


Minimal lighting on the dance floor affords clear photos of an amazing time, undisturbed by the event’s décor and lighting features.

For one of the dances, the reception had a pinkish illumination. With just the right amount of lighting, the videos and photos of this important moment were stunning and captivating.

Please contact me if you have any questions about event lighting or wedding videography.

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7 Tips for Pulling off a Perfect Beach Wedding

Destination Wedding VideographerGrowing up, every little girl (and sometimes little boy) dreams of the perfect wedding day. This is the one day when your life changes forever, for the better. We have all envisioned, at one point or another, a fairytale wedding with an extravagant wedding gown, venue, and the like. However, as we age we begin to understand what the perfect, fairytale wedding day truly means to us. For many of us, we couldn’t imagine a more magical moment than marrying the love of our life on a beautiful, sandy beach.

Destination weddings are increasingly popular, and saying ‘I do’ with your toes in the sand is an experience unlike any other. A break from tradition while sticking with traditional values is incredibly appealing to many modern couples. One thing to keep in mind, though, is the beach in comparison to a church or other indoor venue is a whole other animal. With that said, we have compiled 7 great tips to help you pull off the perfect beach wedding:

First, consider clothing

1.) Ditch the Cinderella gown – Forego the big gown for a simpler, lighter dress that isn’t going to be a burden. Consider the fact that moving around swiftly in the sand is a difficult task as it is. Adding weight to your person is going to make that task more difficult and you’ll hate yourself when it comes to picture time.

2.) The lighter the better – When we think of beaches, we immediately think of the heat. No one wants to be a sweaty mess on their wedding day. Grooms are included in this one, stray from black tuxedos and choose light colors that don’t attract sunlight such as beige, tan, or white. Brides, a light fabric will flow flawlessly and leave the sand where it belongs instead of collecting it as a souvenir.

3.) Brides: Do an updo – You’ll be SO glad you did. The last thing you want to worry about is all the time and money you spent on your hair being thrown to the wind, literally.

4.) Grooms: Keep it casual – You and your men don’t need to throw on your fanciest duds in this occasion. Keep it light and as casual as your lovely bride will let you. As long as you all look nice, clean and presentable, you should be a-ok.

Next, consider ceremony preparation

5.) Plan for the unplanned – Weather in any setting is unpredictable. With the quick pickup of winds and the crashing of waves, it’s best to keep a plan B in mind. Have a tent on standby ready for use under extreme circumstances.

6.) Keep everyone cool and comfortable – Ensure that there is a place to escape to the shade if need be. It may also be a good idea to hand out personal fans (motorized or paper), and keep a refreshment stand nearby with lemonade and water.
7.) Lose the shoes – Tara Guerard of Soiree by Tara Guerard suggested to the Huffington Post that a shoe station would be a wonderful addition to any beach wedding. A shoe check will allow guests to change into casual flip-flops and avoid sauntering around with a shoe full of sand all day.

Lastly, have fun. This is your special day, and no matter what, being with your friends and family at the beach is going to be phenomenal – but incorporate these great tips into your destination wedding’s seaside ceremony and the rest is sure to be a breeze – literally!

Read more ideas like these from the Huffington Post.

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