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Top Trends in Wedding Videography

Technology has helped us to expand the ways in which we immortalize the special times in our lives. Weddings are one of those momentous occasions we want to revisit many times in the future. Wedding videography is a modern trend that captures those moments with beauty, creativity, and vivid imagery.


Brides and grooms are choosing a few very popular wedding videography trends as their way of capturing this once-in-a-lifetime event. Consulting with a wedding videographer, like me, can help couples decide which of these exciting video trends is best for their wedding.


Documentary Style


Wedding videography styles have come a very long way in recent years, and one new trend that is becoming popular with couples, is the documentary, indie style video. Indie filmmakers are getting into the world of wedding videography adding more style and substance to wedding videos. Instead of just capturing moments, this style of wedding video captures the couples’ story; helping viewers to feel as if they are a part of the entire process, from the engagement to the reception.




Appealing to couples seeking a more fun and dramatic approach, wedding trailer videos offer a preview of the actual full-length wedding video. Complete with special effects, music, and sometimes, even voice-over artists. These videos are a unique way to entertain family and friends while they wait for the completed version. These wedding trailers are completed just a couple of weeks after the wedding and make a great teaser video to show off to wedding guests.


Classic Vintage


Black and white vintage style videos are a beautiful and classic way to capture the wedding day. With movies like the remake of The Great Gatsby coming out this summer, many couples are becoming enchanted by the romantic eras of the 1920’s, 40’s, and 60’s. Brides and grooms can have fun dressing in classic movie attire and film scenes decorated in the theme and decor of the decade.


Save the Date


Save the date videos are becoming popular because many couples find this to be a more interesting way to announce their wedding date than mailing out invitations. The sky’s the limit when it comes to just how creative engaged couples can be when creating these videos. Save the date videos can range from whimsical to formal in style, and also make a great keepsake for the couple and their loved ones.


Same Day Film

This is huge right now. It is a short 5-10 minute film created on the day of your wedding day to show to your guests during the reception on large screens in your reception room. It usually covers the bride getting ready, which no one sees, and the vows, photo session, first dance and maybe more depending on when you choose to display it live at your wedding. It’s a fantastic crowd pleaser!



Wedding videos allow couples to get creative and choose unique themes that will showcase their personalities and individual style. Whether they are the ‘indie documentary film’ type of couple or the ‘classic vintage 1940’s’ type of couple, wedding videographers can help carry their vision from the heart to the screen.

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An Unplugged Wedding

Guests are being asked to “Stay In The Moment”

Boston Wedding Videographer

Image Courtesy Of: Wedding Wire

In today’s world of technology, everyone has a smart phone or a tablet that can take photos and video and instantly post it to any social media site. While some couples love the idea, and actually set up Instagram accounts and twitter feeds just for their wedding day, others are opting for just the opposite.


Couples are asking their guests to put away their phones and tablets. They don’t want them watching the ceremony or the cutting of the cake from behind a two inch screen but to be watching it, “in the moment.” Most weddings have professional photographers and videographers that are there to capture the wedding day. What we as professionals are now faced

Unplugged wedding

Image Courtesy Of: Hugh Miller Photography, Britain.

with is a small army of guests standing and holding their devices to capture their images. Guests now stand in the aisle with an iPad to get that photo of the bride walking in with her dad. However, what it is actually doing is blocking the groom from seeing his bride for the first time and blocking the professionals from capturing these key moments that they have been hired to do.


Therefore, couples are asking you to, “Be nice, turn off your device.” You just might see a note with your invitation or a sign as you walk into the ceremony asking everyone to please do this for them. To just sit and enjoy watching their wedding.


Uncle Bob Wedding Photo

Photo courtesy of Matt Tordoff Photography

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The How-To on Giving the Perfect Wedding Toast


Here’s a fact: toasts are ideal for wedding receptions and speeches are for corporate functions and congressional addresses.


I am sure many people can recall attending a wedding where the best man, maid of honor or parent of the couple stood up and literally gave a 30 or more minute speech. Soon the stomach begins to grumble, head becomes clouded and you find yourself frustrated from the long-windedness of the speaker.


If you’re going to be preparing a toast for an upcoming wedding, think of about this. A “toast” is a brief acknowledgement of the love shared between two people. At 3 to 5 minutes at best, your toast can include a story (maybe a funny one), a well wish for the couple and of course the, “Let’s raise our glasses!” line. Anything beyond can get obnoxious.


As much as the couple delights in the toast, they really don’t want the entertainment to be delayed. Plus, when you feel you have to fill a page with 300 or more words, you begin to remark on details that are not relevant to the day’s event, past or future. Words will then just become words.


In a recent Huffington Post article “The Difference between a Speech and a Toast”, the writer commented that the word toast begins with a “T” and not an “R” as in roast. Simply put, the toast is NOT the time to recall every unflattering thing the bride or groom has done. Make the toast memorable and beautiful, reflective of the couple as a unit.


For the couple, here is a piece of advice: choose those to toast your marriage wisely. Pick someone who’s close, knows the both of you and has shared in the love you’ve created.


For the person giving the toast: remember that this day is the most important for the happy couple. Raining on their parade is not advisable and not acceptable. Choose your words carefully, keep it brief, to the point and special.


In my experience as a videographer, those are the toasts that come off the best.  They are memorable and sharable in the future.


For a full list of toast tips and an easy to print version click below.


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The Flash Mob Phenomenon At Weddings

Sorry if you’re sick of flash mobs since they’ve been creeping up on the internet everywhere. Viral videos of groups of people breaking out into synchronized dancing are being shared more frequently, and one of the areas where it’s been done the most is at weddings.  Reception, proposal and wedding party flash mobs have been recorded, put online and shared at a high rate. No matter how you feel about a flash mob, they’re pretty fun, quirky and a great edition to your wedding day experience.


For wedding videos, they’re a great centerpiece and certainly a highlight of the night you’ll want to re-live. If you’re already on the fence about having a flash mob at your wedding, here’s some tips for an easy flash mob according to


  1. Share your dance moves online – A flask mob takes a dose of choreography and teaching. Otherwise, how would anyone know what to do?  If you’re the choreographer, record yourself demonstrating the moves along with the music.  You can share it with the other mob members in order for them to learn the moves and practice in time for the big moment. Through online video sharing and email, it’ll be easy to distribute the video to other members of the mob.
  2. Keep it easy – “Any time you’re asking a large group of people to participate in an activity, the simpler you can make it, the better.”  You never know how many people are going to practice, what shape they’re going to be in for the reception and if they’ll remember the dance when it comes down to getting out on the floor. The simpler you can make, the easier it will transfer over for the live performance. Also, from a video and filmmaking standpoint, the easier it is, the more in sync everyone will be and cooler it will look.
  3. No pressure – Some people will want to participate, and some won’t.  You never know where people’s head will be for a flash mob. Just let them know there’s no pressure to perform.  If someone doesn’t want to, it’s ok not to. Flash mobs just aren’t for everyone.
  4. Stay organized – Don’t forget to send reminders, but don’t harass people either. No one wants to go to a wedding where they feel like they have homework.  Just remember who’s in the flash mob, who wants to be in it, and who will have key roles. A friendly email reminder a week or two before the wedding with a link to the video is fine.


I’ll make sure I get the flash mob video on film. Together we can capture a special, fun and memorable moment on video.  We might be able to get it to go viral and share your wedding with more than the people you know in Boston.

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Spring Wedding Tips And Preparing For The Seasons


Every season brings new wedding trends, styles, colors and ideas.  As a wedding videographer, I see it all.  Every month is different.  The fall brings rustic trends, while the spring calls for lighter shades, new life and rebirth. Brides will spend hours researching, trying out samples and evaluating their choices to make sure they pick the right arrangements, dresses, colors and themes.


Although I do not plan weddings, I have a lot of experience in seeing what works well, and what may not turn out the best.  As a videographer, it’s my job to capture the moments on film and preserve them for you to see in the future. I have an eye for seeing what colors, combinations, table arrangements, flowers and dresses look best not only live in person, but also on film.


Here is Massachusetts we are fortunate enough to have four seasons.  Brides and grooms have plenty of opportunity to use different wedding themes and options to create their dream wedding.

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Law Passage Becomes A Hit At Same Sex Marriages

Massachusetts led the way allowing gay marriage 10 years ago, and this past November during voting time, more states passed Massachusetts Wedding Film Maker & Video Editorbills to allow gay marriages in their states among their citizens.  Massachusetts, you could, say was ahead of the curve, which means there were more opportunities for gay and lesbian weddings to take place here, and more filming opportunities to capture them.  In 2003, a Supreme Judcial Court ruling made Massachusetts the first state to recognize same-sex marriage.


One of the trends taking place at same sex marriages is reading a specific passage from the law that allowed same sex couples to show their love for one another in a traditional manner. No, it’s not your typical wedding vow, filled with romanticism and sappiness.  It doesn’t draw comparisons to dialogue from, The Notebook.  It does, however, still strike emotion and importance to those getting married and those who worked hard to make it possible.


The passage comes from Supreme Judicial Court chief justice, Margaret Marshall, who wrote the passage with opinion in mind.


“Civil marriage is at once a deeply personal commitment to another human being and a highly public celebration of the ideals of mutuality, companionship, intimacy, fidelity, and family,” a key passage reads. “Because it fulfills yearnings for security, safe haven, and connection that express our common humanity, civil marriage is an ­esteemed institution, and the decision whether and whom to marry is among life’s ­momentous acts of self-definition.”

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The Challenge of The First Dance Song

Keon Films Offers Wedding VideosIn almost every wedding video I produce for a new couple, I include the first dance and try to highlight the moment. Without question, the first dance is an important moment of the reception, one where everyone is watching, cameras are flashing or as a filmmaker, rolling. The dance itself is a reflection of the song.  For some couples, they have, “their song.” For other couples, the challenge of choosing the right first dance song is a tough task.

It starts with how the music is played.  Do you have a wedding band or a DJ? A DJ will most likely have the song or can easily get the song if they need to before the reception. A wedding band may not be able to play the song if they’re unfamiliar with it, or it may not sound the way you envisioned. Communicating with either the DJ or bandleader will absolutely help and solve this dilemma.

Far too often, I see a couple go too long with their first dance. The first dance should only be as long as the photographer and filmmaker need to get the shots they need. Then the crowd stays on its high while the band or DJ gets into the next song as most of the wedding party and guests head out on the dance floor.

As a bride and groom, you can expect a lot of compromise in your new relationship.  This may be one of the first compromises you make. Couples have different musical tastes. It happens, but when they work together to find a little bit of what they both like in one song,  that’s a perfect wedding option for your first dance. You can try Pandora, a musical streaming service that suggests songs based on an analysis of the musical properties of the music that you tell them you like. Talk with the DJ; see what they have to say with their expertise.


Post Written By Leeann McKeon of Keon Films.

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Winter Wedding Bouquets

Glistening Handful
Image Courtesy Of:

The bouquet is a memorable part of the wedding for a couple of different reasons.  For starters, it’s a part of the bride’s look, it matches her gown, her bridesmaids and the whole theme of the wedding. Secondly, the bouquet toss is a major tradition of every wedding. The young female guests look forward to the toss every wedding. For the videos we create, it’s a great scene and time to capture a great moment. It stands out as a token moment, and the bouquet is at the center of it all.  The look of the bouquet varies season to season, and as we approach the winter, bouquets start to take a different look.


Here are a few winter bridal bouquets to consider for your wedding if it takes place in December, January, or February. These pictures and arrangements are gathered from Martha Stewart Weddings.


Glistening Handful: Pinecones tipped in glitter glow like a halo around dusky blooms of mauve roses and miniature paperwhites. The delicate flowers soften the rustic sensibility of the pinecones, and accentuate the illusion of floating light.


Icy Whites:Above a shimmering vintage jacquard ribbon are snowy clusters of

Velvet Bouquet
Image Courtesy Of:

hyacinths and Cattleya orchids. And sprinkled throughout, like glistening frozen crystals, are silver ribbon clasps attached to wire stems.


Velvet Bouquet: To make an autumn or winter bouquet even more lush, include cockscomb — the deep-pink ruffle-edged


flower here — and then highlight its rich texture with a thick velvet ribbon wrap. This example contains calla lilies, sweet pea, and cockscomb in shades of pink. This is a perfect option for February.


The bouquet is filmed plenty of times throughout the course of a wedding video.  A truly wonderful wedding bouquet with beautiful flowers and bright arrangements stands out and reminds you of how great your wedding celebration was. Take time to put something together you will truly enjoy.

For more suggestions and pictures, click here.

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Tips For A Fall Wedding


A lot of the times people who opt for a fall wedding are looking for more of a rustic feel. Their themes and decorations draw inspiration from the colors and typical items we see during the fall holidays and months.  Orange, red and brown colors along with harvested fruits and vegetables often times create the feel of a fall wedding. 

Fall is the most popular time of the year to have a wedding.  Here are some tips to follow for a wonderful fall wedding. 


Start with the colors you see outside on the trees with the leaves changing hue.  Rich yellows, oranges, gold, copper, peach and browns are a good place to start.  These can be used throughout your entire wedding, from the invitations sent out, to the dresses, centerpieces and reception décor. 


Centerpieces and Flowers:

Autumn is the time of harvest.  Fruits, berries and gourds are used all over the country in the months of September, October and November.  Try to incorporate these into your centerpieces.  Pumpkins and apple are a great start.  In a classy way they add a lot to receptions tables and décor.  Popular fall flowers include roses, orchids, gardenias, mums and dahlias.



Fall certainly has a certain taste to it.  Try out different menu options like offering turkey or chicken.  How about serving Pie for dessert like apple or pumpkin?  Harvested vegetables are in season like pumpkins and squash.  They give you that autumnal taste and are likely to be cheaper since they are in season. 


These are just a couple of the tips we offer to pull off a great wedding. Fall offers one of the best times of the year.  Warm colors, hearty foods, and a fun atmosphere make these months one of the best times to tie the knot. 

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Summer Wedding Tips

Having a summer wedding? Is it outside? Here are a few helpful tips to make the day even more enjoyable.

1. Have a backup plan! Weather can be unpredictable, so in case it does rain, or the wind in too strong or the heat is too much, have an indoor backup plan.

2. Have small bottles of water of glasses of lemonade for your guests to drink as they sit in the sun and watch your ceremony.

3. Add some color and whimsy to your day by giving guests brightly colored paper sun umbrellas or paper hand fans. It’ll help keep a shade over their heads and a breeze in their hands. Websites like are a great source for these.

4. If your wedding is going into sunset or is in a bug filled area, have cans of bug spray for your guests to put on. It’s never any fun to be attack by mosquitos.

5. For weddings on the sandy beach, have small towels handy for the guests to wipe off the sand before putting back on their shoes or walking back into the reception. it will be more comfortable for them during the dancing not to have sand in their shoes. 🙂

Enjoy your summer wedding!

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