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The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

20049951_SEven when the weather outside is frightful, it can still be a delightful season to tie the knot with your loved one. Although many think of the warmer months as the ideal time to marry, there are plenty of good reasons why a couple may want to consider a wedding deep in the heart of winter. Not the least of these are the spectacular scenes that can be created by the season.


If you’re looking for scenic and picturesque settings, just think about the wondrous framing that fresh fallen snow and translucent icicles can give to any church or wedding venue. White is the symbol of a pure wedding, and the pictures of the couple and the wedding party take on a fantastic aura.


A winter wedding allows a couple to be a bit more selective in the size of their wedding. Because it’s an offseason choice, more people are likely to be available and around during the winter and will not have committed themselves to a long schedule of weddings, as can happen during the summer and fall. However, if you want to have a smaller service, people don’t expect large winter weddings so you want offend as many uninvited guests.


This offseason time can aid couples in other ways as well. The competition for venues is much less fierce, meaning you can land the church of your dreams without having to fit your ceremony in amongst a full schedule of other weddings. You may also get to book the chapel for a much better price than you could during the busy seasons of the year.


17454221_S(3)A winter wedding is a unique experience, and you can dress up the occasion with decor that will ensure that all your invited guests will remember the event for a long time. Mix up your bouquets of flowers by adding an ice sculpture or two, or maybe construct bride and groom snowmen outside of the reception hall.


There are many ways to take advantage of the holiday season to craft the perfect wedding experience. When you want to record your special day, Keon Films will provide the most outstanding documentation of your marriage that money can buy. We serve all marriages in the area of Boston, MA, and beyond.

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Winter Wedding Bouquets

Glistening Handful
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The bouquet is a memorable part of the wedding for a couple of different reasons.  For starters, it’s a part of the bride’s look, it matches her gown, her bridesmaids and the whole theme of the wedding. Secondly, the bouquet toss is a major tradition of every wedding. The young female guests look forward to the toss every wedding. For the videos we create, it’s a great scene and time to capture a great moment. It stands out as a token moment, and the bouquet is at the center of it all.  The look of the bouquet varies season to season, and as we approach the winter, bouquets start to take a different look.


Here are a few winter bridal bouquets to consider for your wedding if it takes place in December, January, or February. These pictures and arrangements are gathered from Martha Stewart Weddings.


Glistening Handful: Pinecones tipped in glitter glow like a halo around dusky blooms of mauve roses and miniature paperwhites. The delicate flowers soften the rustic sensibility of the pinecones, and accentuate the illusion of floating light.


Icy Whites:Above a shimmering vintage jacquard ribbon are snowy clusters of

Velvet Bouquet
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hyacinths and Cattleya orchids. And sprinkled throughout, like glistening frozen crystals, are silver ribbon clasps attached to wire stems.


Velvet Bouquet: To make an autumn or winter bouquet even more lush, include cockscomb — the deep-pink ruffle-edged


flower here — and then highlight its rich texture with a thick velvet ribbon wrap. This example contains calla lilies, sweet pea, and cockscomb in shades of pink. This is a perfect option for February.


The bouquet is filmed plenty of times throughout the course of a wedding video.  A truly wonderful wedding bouquet with beautiful flowers and bright arrangements stands out and reminds you of how great your wedding celebration was. Take time to put something together you will truly enjoy.

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