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The Holiday Season is the Most Popular Time for Engagements

Goodness! Thanksgiving is only next week. Before long, other holidays will be banging at our doorsteps. While the time is certainly stressful, with many of us running around from store to store and trying to check off gifts on our never-ending lists. If isn’t the gift buying that keeps us up at night, it’s the thought of spending hours upon hours with family, slaving over a hot stove or keeping the drinks flowing.


Despite all the holiday stress, some couples still find the time to embrace romance and crack open that walnut heart of love, like some doe-eyed and butterfly stomaching nutcracker. I, of course, am referring to couples who are engaged during the holiday season. It is a popular time for someone to pop the big question. Why the holiday season though?



Perhaps it is the overall atmosphere. When we are not stressed, the holiday season offers a poignant sense of comfort that is unbeatable and since most of us are immersed in family activities, someone about to pop the question is presented with a can’t-miss setting. Between family presence, Christmas trees and people singing, the holidays often bring out the best in proposals, as people can get creative, creating an easy memory that will last a lifetime. When people think of meaningfulness, their thoughts tend to drift toward the Christmas hearth. Given this mindset, it is no wonder why there are so many engagements from Christmas through Valentine’s Day!

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