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What NOT To Do At A Wedding

1. Do Not wear white! The only person that should be wearing white is the bride. Unless the Bride says so in the invitation do not try to out shine her by wearing white as well. It’s just not respectful.

2.Don’t wear tight or skimpy, ill fitting clothes. When you are getting dressed for the wedding you should be conscious of how you look in the mirror. If you have to keep adjusting clothing or pulling your shirt down then don’t wear it. You’re not there to scream LOOK AT ME. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best, just make sure your best is appropriate.

3.Please do not stand in the aisle while the Bride and her Dad are walking in. Chances are they have hired professionals to capture this moment, spent a lot of money too. If you stand in the aisle with your smart phone or tablet you are just blocking the shot. Not only of the people hired but of the groom waiting to see his bride for the first time. Stay in your front of your seat and wait until she gets closer, then take your shot.

4.Don’t stand behind the photographer during the formal photo session trying to get your own shot. Some photogs don’t mind, the problem comes in when you keep telling the group to look at you so you can get your own shot. The photographer only has a limited amount of time, let him or her get their job done. Then take photos.

5.Don’t post pics of the Bride to social media before she says so. You have no reason to post your own pics before the bride has had a chance to see them, unless they tell you in advance. Some couples now have Instagram feeds set up, they want you to post. That is the only time it should be ok. All Brides want to look their best, the most flattering poses, so she should be the one picking those out. So ask before you post!

6.Don’t mention the exes. You think this would be a no brainer but Ive heard so many people talk about the ones that came before. It is especially NOT ok to mention them and compare them in your speeches. So leave the exes where they belong, in the past.

7.Stop talking during the toasts. When it comes time to listen to the speeches or watch the first dance, show a little respect for the couple and stop talking. You should be quietly listening to what is being said of the Bride and Groom, paying attention to what is going on you are there to celebrate with the Bride and Groom.

8.Don’t get DRUNK at the reception!. Come on people, this is not the time or the place to be drunk. Just because they have an oped bar doesn’t mean you need to over indulge. I’ve seen people get sick, fall down, jump up on tables, make a fool of themselves, start fights and have to been led out of the reception because they have been too drunk. It’s embarrassing to everyone, especially the ones throwing the wedding. Have a drink or two but keep yourself sober.
*This also goes for the B&G, everyone is buying you drinks, be careful, don’t get drunk, you will regret it later!

9.The wedding is NOT a Daycare. Just because your kids were invited to the celebration doesn’t mean that you can ignore what they are doing. Letting them run around during the first dance or the speeches is a no-no. Same with letting them get under foot while the meal is being served. They don’t have to sit and be still the whole time but they should be under control. Let them dance when everyone else is eating or dancing, they are of course allowed to have fun.

10. You can have fun. Just remember you are there to celebrate the wedding of two people and the joining of two families. Be respectful.

Some idea are from the Huffington Post, All of them I have been witness too. If you are in the Boston area and looking for a wedding videographer or want to talk about these wedding rules, contact me.

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