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Keeping Wedding Costs Down

A beautiful wedding ceremony and reception doesn’t need a large budget and cash flow to become a reality. It’s true, having a lot of money will help you pay for better vendors, venues and services. However, during the planning phases there are plenty of ways to keep your overall costs low so you can make sure you pay for the important wedding videos and caterer that you want.


One of the quickest ways to keep the costs associated with a wedding down is to reconsider the length of your guest list. Between catering and other costs, each guest can easily represent an added cost of $100 or more. It may be more cost-effective to send a video trailer of a wedding ceremony to a lot of people and invite a smaller group of people to the actual ceremony.


The day that your wedding falls on can also add hundreds of dollars or save you much needed cash. Saturdays are a huge days for weddings and all other kinds of events, and because of this drink and food prices at most venues are generally priced a little higher, as this article published by discusses. Fridays and Sundays generally bring more reasonable prices. If you can somehow make your wedding work on an early weekday, like a Monday or Wednesday, you can usually negotiate some amazing price savings.


Your food choices will also be a major part of your bill, regardless of how many people you invite to the wedding. The more entree choices you offer your guests, the more you will typically have to spend. If you can keep your entree choices to one or two, you’ll be able to keep your catering costs low as well.


Here at Keon Films, we work to offer a variety of wedding videography services that are affordable for a wide range of budgets. We can help you document your wedding for posterity without adding unreasonable costs to your wedding. We’ll be happy to discuss how we can provide a beautiful record of the joy and happiness felt at your Boston, MA, wedding ceremony.

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Finding the Right Wedding Videographer

Finding the right wedding videographer can be daunting. There are a few tricks to finding exactly what you didn’t realize you needed in a professional to preserve every moment of your big day.


First, get recommendations from friends and family with impressive videos. You wouldn’t take relationship advice from someone who’s been single for ten years, so why would you take videographer advice from someone’s whose wedding video didn’t come out fantastically?


Nobody knows quality better than others in the field do. If you’ve already settled on a florist or photographer, ask them for some names! They’ll have an idea of your budget, your goals for the wedding, and they won’t hesitate to point you in the right direction for a standout videographer in the area.


After getting three or four leads on possible videographers, keep a tally of videographer names, who referred you, phone numbers, price estimates and addresses. If you’re already in the throes of planning your wedding, you’ll surely have realized how important it is to stay organized.


Make sure to find out if their sample work is from their studio or is actually their work. Pay careful attention to the lighting in videos: is it too dim or lit up like the fourth of July? Sound mixing is also important. Can you hear the speeches over chatter? Does the music work with or against the visuals? Is there a lot of variation in music for the video? Special effects for transitions are great as long as they are executed well and don’t clutter the narrative. Finally, can you work with the DJ? Amazing people skills are a must, because your videographer will be working very closely with your guests.


For an exceptional wedding videographer experience, call Keon Films in Boston Massachusetts. We’ll be happy to preserve every big moment from your big day.



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5 Things Your Guests Won’t Tell You

A friend of mine wrote this article and has let me share it with you. Alan Berg is one of our wedding industry leading speakers and a good man to listen to.


1. Your guests won’t thank you for making your mom, sister, best friend or maid of honor work on your wedding day. They’re not wedding planners; they’re your closest family and friends. Let them mingle, dance and enjoy the day.

2. Your guests won’t thank you for making them wait while you take pictures. Sure, they’ll eat and drink, but if it takes too long, they’ll start wondering where you are. They were invited to celebrate with you.

3. Your guests won’t tell you that you put way too many things on your wedding registry. Make it easy for them to buy you the things that you really want. It’s hard for guests to know which things you really want (like a beautiful honeymoon, fire pit or down payment on a house), when there are so many items on there. Give them the option to contribute dollars towards your registry so you can choose how to use it. Also, understand that a gift should not be required. You invited them to share your wedding day, not to necessarily have to pay for the privilege. If they want to give a gift, make it easy.


4. Your guests want to see and hear your ceremony. Ask them to stay in their seats so everyone else can see. If you’ve hired a professional photographer and videographer (real, experienced professionals), and you share the photos with them (easy enough to do with online proofing these days), they’ll all be able to see and hear you taking your vows. Have someone ask everyone to turn off his or her ringers as well. You don’t want to hear a phone ringing on your wedding video. Everyone has a camera phone, but that doesn’t make him or her a professional. Don’t let them get in the way. You’re investing good money in professional photos.


5. Your guests won’t thank you for hiring the cheapest wedding vendors. They don’t care how much you paid; they only care about what they see and experience. An iPod is not a DJ. Your uncle is not a professional videographer and won’t know where to stand, to not be in everyone’s way. That Craig’s List vendor you hired is cheap for a reason. Don’t hire cheap. Hire the best value. Follow your priorities and invest in them. You won’t be happy when the photos aren’t what you wanted or the dance floor is empty.


You know what it’s like to be a guest at a wedding, so remember that when making your choices. If it’s summer time, make sure there’s shade for your outdoor ceremony and make sure there’s air conditioning. Don’t just pray that it won’t rain, or won’t be 110 degrees. Have a real plan for it. Put yourself in the shoes of your 100 or more guests and have them raving to you about how great everything was. You don’t always get kudos for doing it right, but you almost always lose points for doing it wrong. I wish you, and your guests, a very happy wedding.


Alan Berg

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Spring Wedding Tips And Preparing For The Seasons


Every season brings new wedding trends, styles, colors and ideas.  As a wedding videographer, I see it all.  Every month is different.  The fall brings rustic trends, while the spring calls for lighter shades, new life and rebirth. Brides will spend hours researching, trying out samples and evaluating their choices to make sure they pick the right arrangements, dresses, colors and themes.


Although I do not plan weddings, I have a lot of experience in seeing what works well, and what may not turn out the best.  As a videographer, it’s my job to capture the moments on film and preserve them for you to see in the future. I have an eye for seeing what colors, combinations, table arrangements, flowers and dresses look best not only live in person, but also on film.


Here is Massachusetts we are fortunate enough to have four seasons.  Brides and grooms have plenty of opportunity to use different wedding themes and options to create their dream wedding.

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