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Lighting affects every wedding

A key part in making your wedding perfect is considering every small aspect. Remember, your entire wedding will be in photographs and videos; focusing on colors and illumination is crucial. Unfortunately, most people don’t focus on lighting, which is actually one of the most important characteristics of any wedding. With the right lighting, you can transform any venue into your ideal setting.


To enhance the mood for all of your guests, think about adding up-lighting or dim lanterns… depending on your theme. Whatever you decide to go with, you have to consider how it will look digitally. You light up a video differently from the way you light up a room, so it’s best to ask a professional for help. For example, the right lighting will complement the aesthetics during the reception, but if you go too heavy with the lighting on the dance floor, it may interfere with your reception photos and videos.


I recently worked with a same-sex couple in New Hampshire. I was pleased to take part in such a fun and beautiful ceremony. At Searles Castle in Windham, the couple went with a gorgeous pink and turquoise color scheme, along with swan décor, courtesy of Seacoast Events. Serving individuals throughout Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Southern Maine, Seacoast Events “does not offer off the shelf events. Each event is created and customized to match the needs and desires of that particular client.” No event is the same and Seacoast Events understands this. Below are some photos from the wedding:


The lighting at this wedding added the perfect mood and ambiance to the photos. One of the brides has a love for swans, and they wanted to incorporate a few as décor, to capture the perfect sentiment during their reception.

Exterior lighting transformed the venue into a fairytale-like wonderland. Swans coupled with the castle helped set the mood for the evening. This is an example of ideal illumination according to a theme.


Minimal lighting on the dance floor affords clear photos of an amazing time, undisturbed by the event’s décor and lighting features.

For one of the dances, the reception had a pinkish illumination. With just the right amount of lighting, the videos and photos of this important moment were stunning and captivating.

Please contact me if you have any questions about event lighting or wedding videography.

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