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The Emotional Challenges of Videotaping a Wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate the new life that is beginning between two individuals in a trusting, committed relationship. However, certain life situations may create a more bittersweet environment for the couple and their guests. Having a videographer who can tactfully deal with these difficult situations is a valuable resource.


The realities of life are not put on hold in the weeks and months leading up to a wedding. Life has all sorts of comings and goings, and the passing of a loved one, like a parent or grandparent, can create a very unique atmosphere. The wedding should still be celebrated, but the bride and groom with a recently deceased relative may want to commemorate that loved one’s memory.


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A bride with her grandpa in a wheelchair

Video footage can provide a very special way to document both a marriage and the friends and family who attend the ceremony, but also those who couldn’t make it. For one woman, videotaping a dance with her dying father provided a special memento on the day of her wedding, as this video post from NBC’s Today show describes.


These difficult situations require video professionals who are not simply knowledgeable of their equipment; they must also be able to sympathize and anticipate a client’s emotional wants. No family will simply want to gloss over a recent loss when all of the relatives will be congregating to celebrate an important family event. There are many healing ways that a video record can be used to memorialize a recent passing in a tactful way.


In my own experiences, I worked with one in recent years that was about to go through a loss in the family. The groom’s father had been ill, and the guests, many of which were close friends and family, knew that this would likely be one of the last times they’d see him. We worked very hard to ensure that we not only got all the footage of the wedding, but that we captured plenty of video with the father, who had gotten out of the hospital just to be at the wedding. That video became a treasured keepsake for many reasons.


Each wedding is going to have some very special emotional triggers. Some couples may have a first dance or a dance with their mother or father that might be special for reasons outside of the occasion. Whatever the special nature to the event may be, Keon Films will provide a tasteful way to incorporate it into our video footage. We serve Boston, MA, and the surrounding suburbs.

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The Challenge of The First Dance Song

Keon Films Offers Wedding VideosIn almost every wedding video I produce for a new couple, I include the first dance and try to highlight the moment. Without question, the first dance is an important moment of the reception, one where everyone is watching, cameras are flashing or as a filmmaker, rolling. The dance itself is a reflection of the song.  For some couples, they have, “their song.” For other couples, the challenge of choosing the right first dance song is a tough task.

It starts with how the music is played.  Do you have a wedding band or a DJ? A DJ will most likely have the song or can easily get the song if they need to before the reception. A wedding band may not be able to play the song if they’re unfamiliar with it, or it may not sound the way you envisioned. Communicating with either the DJ or bandleader will absolutely help and solve this dilemma.

Far too often, I see a couple go too long with their first dance. The first dance should only be as long as the photographer and filmmaker need to get the shots they need. Then the crowd stays on its high while the band or DJ gets into the next song as most of the wedding party and guests head out on the dance floor.

As a bride and groom, you can expect a lot of compromise in your new relationship.  This may be one of the first compromises you make. Couples have different musical tastes. It happens, but when they work together to find a little bit of what they both like in one song,  that’s a perfect wedding option for your first dance. You can try Pandora, a musical streaming service that suggests songs based on an analysis of the musical properties of the music that you tell them you like. Talk with the DJ; see what they have to say with their expertise.


Post Written By Leeann McKeon of Keon Films.

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