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The Emotional Challenges of Videotaping a Wedding

Weddings are a time to celebrate the new life that is beginning between two individuals in a trusting, committed relationship. However, certain life situations may create a more bittersweet environment for the couple and their guests. Having a videographer who can tactfully deal with these difficult situations is a valuable resource.


The realities of life are not put on hold in the weeks and months leading up to a wedding. Life has all sorts of comings and goings, and the passing of a loved one, like a parent or grandparent, can create a very unique atmosphere. The wedding should still be celebrated, but the bride and groom with a recently deceased relative may want to commemorate that loved one’s memory.


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A bride with her grandpa in a wheelchair

Video footage can provide a very special way to document both a marriage and the friends and family who attend the ceremony, but also those who couldn’t make it. For one woman, videotaping a dance with her dying father provided a special memento on the day of her wedding, as this video post from NBC’s Today show describes.


These difficult situations require video professionals who are not simply knowledgeable of their equipment; they must also be able to sympathize and anticipate a client’s emotional wants. No family will simply want to gloss over a recent loss when all of the relatives will be congregating to celebrate an important family event. There are many healing ways that a video record can be used to memorialize a recent passing in a tactful way.


In my own experiences, I worked with one in recent years that was about to go through a loss in the family. The groom’s father had been ill, and the guests, many of which were close friends and family, knew that this would likely be one of the last times they’d see him. We worked very hard to ensure that we not only got all the footage of the wedding, but that we captured plenty of video with the father, who had gotten out of the hospital just to be at the wedding. That video became a treasured keepsake for many reasons.


Each wedding is going to have some very special emotional triggers. Some couples may have a first dance or a dance with their mother or father that might be special for reasons outside of the occasion. Whatever the special nature to the event may be, Keon Films will provide a tasteful way to incorporate it into our video footage. We serve Boston, MA, and the surrounding suburbs.

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Avoiding the Flip Cam Trend


Remember disposable cameras?  Seems as if it was yesterday, we were using disposable Kodaks to take pictures. Then digital cameras hit and now cell phones have the ability to take high-resolution pictures and instantly share them on the internet with friends and family.  Videos are no different now, and not unlike pictures, everyone thinks they are a professional.  Yes, you can film on your iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to go out and make a movie now.  There still needs to be a level of professionalism and care to detail, especially when it comes to something important like a wedding.


For various reasons, people like to utilize the disposable camera and now a flip cam at their wedding. With a drop in price, flip cams have become more popular and a rising trend at receptions.  Sure, flip cameras can bring your cost down for the wedding, but the quality of video and end product will decrease as a result. For your wedding, wouldn’t you want a high quality video that will last over time and still bring a professional look, years from now?


Some guests are there to have fun, party and celebrate.  Not do work for you.  That sounds somewhat harsh, but that’s what you pay a videographer for.  We won’t miss something, no moment will go unnoticed. As professionals, we know how to operate the equipment and know how to get the right shot.  The truth is, with individuals operating a flip cam, they may not know what they’re doing, or they may not know how to use the camera properly.


Avoiding the flip camera trend might be in your best interest.  It really depends on what you want and what end product you’re looking for when it comes to capturing and reliving the wedding and reception.


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