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The Wedding MBA, Las Vegas

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the Wedding MBA. A continuing education seminar for all those in the wedding industry, held in Las Vegas.
There were several leading experts speaking on how to improve what I can do for my wedding couples. Wedding Wire with SonnyG has always been one of my favorite seminars which is why I advertise with them. This year they gave a list of over 30 apps that can help make day to day living and working easier. I will definitely be using a few of them.
I also got a few new ideas about sales & marketing and working with Pinterest & Facebook. There may be a “pin it” and a Facebook contest coming soon so be on the look out for those.
I learned what some of the new trends for 2014 will be, I will be blogging about them over the next several months.
Of course while in Las Vegas I had plenty of time to walk around and see the sights and try a new restaurant or two, including Gordan Ramsey’s Burger. I have a few photos below from the week. Enjoy!

Paris, Las VegasM&M Store The Flamingo Las Vegas at Night IMG_1299 Las Vegas Strip The Venetician

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The How-To on Giving the Perfect Wedding Toast


Here’s a fact: toasts are ideal for wedding receptions and speeches are for corporate functions and congressional addresses.


I am sure many people can recall attending a wedding where the best man, maid of honor or parent of the couple stood up and literally gave a 30 or more minute speech. Soon the stomach begins to grumble, head becomes clouded and you find yourself frustrated from the long-windedness of the speaker.


If you’re going to be preparing a toast for an upcoming wedding, think of about this. A “toast” is a brief acknowledgement of the love shared between two people. At 3 to 5 minutes at best, your toast can include a story (maybe a funny one), a well wish for the couple and of course the, “Let’s raise our glasses!” line. Anything beyond can get obnoxious.


As much as the couple delights in the toast, they really don’t want the entertainment to be delayed. Plus, when you feel you have to fill a page with 300 or more words, you begin to remark on details that are not relevant to the day’s event, past or future. Words will then just become words.


In a recent Huffington Post article “The Difference between a Speech and a Toast”, the writer commented that the word toast begins with a “T” and not an “R” as in roast. Simply put, the toast is NOT the time to recall every unflattering thing the bride or groom has done. Make the toast memorable and beautiful, reflective of the couple as a unit.


For the couple, here is a piece of advice: choose those to toast your marriage wisely. Pick someone who’s close, knows the both of you and has shared in the love you’ve created.


For the person giving the toast: remember that this day is the most important for the happy couple. Raining on their parade is not advisable and not acceptable. Choose your words carefully, keep it brief, to the point and special.


In my experience as a videographer, those are the toasts that come off the best.  They are memorable and sharable in the future.


For a full list of toast tips and an easy to print version click below.


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