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Themed Weddings Exploding in Popularity

June 27th, 2014


Wedding ceremonies are typically seen as very traditional events; aside from an interesting choice of readings or an expressive color scheme, most of these proceedings take very similar forms. However, a new trend of themed weddings has been picking up across the United States, which adds a little bit of fantasy to the special day.


This article published by NPR discusses how many people and wedding businesses are seeing an increase in the number of wedding featuring costumes and scenery from many popular pieces of fiction, especially those from fantasy genres. Fans of Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and more are finding ways of celebrating their literature or television interests through their weddings.


Industry experts interviewed for the above article note that this trend has exploded since it was first seen sprouting up about two years ago. Usually, a couple opts for a fantasy themed wedding when trying to break the mold of the traditional choices available to them. Often a couple can express their shared love of a certain book or series through wedding photos or creative reception options.


Far from being a superficial way to make a wedding look more interesting, many couples who dress up as characters or incorporate these stories in other ways see a much more moral rationale behind their decision. As one groom involved in one of these weddings stated in the above article, fantasy allows people to express their views on good and evil, or power and responsibility. These deeply held values are what people try to share with others through these fantasy weddings, not simply funny characters or a good story.


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